A VA benefits search can help you:

  • Receive housing assistance
  • Qualify for veteran medical care
  • Apply for veteran benefits
  • Receive veteran pensions
  • Apply for disability benefits
  • Learn about spouse and family benefits

Search for VA benefits information from government authorities, such as

  • Departments of Aging

    A Department of Aging operates at the state or local level to provide services that promote the health, safety, and independence of elderly people. These services can include meal delivery programs, in-home care, family caregiver support, and transportation assistance. Departments of Aging also offer benefits assistance for aging veterans. They can connect veterans to benefits offered by the VA, including disability compensation and pension support. Veterans qualify for the Aid and Attendance program, which provides a monthly pension for veterans who require medical assistance. Veterans can also receive pensions for permanent disabilities and receive healthcare services such as long term care, VA medical center care, or other geriatric healthcare. Departments of Aging can help veterans apply for and receive benefits, and they provide more information about accessing veteran benefits on their website.

  • Social Security Offices

    A Social Security Office acts as a local branch of the federal Social Security Administration, which provides retirement benefits and disability benefits for qualifying people. Social Security also offers veterans work credits for qualifying military service, which can raise monthly retirement benefits. In addition to VA disability benefits, veterans can also receive Social Security benefits. Social Security Offices process applications for disability benefits for veterans wounded while on active military service, including expedited processing of disability benefits applications for veterans with a VA compensation rating of 100% permanent and total. A Social Security Office can help veterans determine if they qualify for benefits, process applications for Social Security disability benefits or retirement benefits, and assist with receiving benefits. Social Security Offices provide additional information and resources about veteran benefits on their website.

  • Veterans Affairs Departments

    The Veterans Affairs Department is a federal agency that provides services to veterans, including veterans of the Armed Forces and the Reserves. The VA offers a range of benefits, such as housing assistance, medical benefits, and disability compensation. Veterans may also qualify for education and vocational benefits, such as the G.I. Bill, pension services, and benefits for the spouses and family members of veterans. The Veterans Affairs Department medical benefits include VA-run medical centers, outpatient clinics, and nursing home care. Local Vet Centers provide veterans benefits such as employment assistance, counseling services, and assistance applying for other VA benefits. The VA also offers assistance with qualifying for benefits and receiving VA benefits. The Veterans Affairs Department provides additional information about VA benefits and Vet Centers on its website.